Dr. Bentley Merrick, DMD, FACP

Dr. Ben  Merrick, DMD, FACP

Dr. Ben Merrick, DMD, FACP


In Loving Memory

Dr. Bentley Merrick was the previous owner of Vermont Restorative Dentistry and friend of Dr. Hopkins. Dr. Merrick and Dr. Hopkins have been colleagues since June 2013, initially through the University of Vermont Medical Center’s General Practice Residency Program and Dental & Oral Health Facility. They shared a mutual commitment to honoring each patient they treated, centering the health and well-being of patients in every decision they made. He is greatly missed by his family, friends, and the patients he cared for.

Vermont Restorative Dentistry recognizes, honors, and appreciates the foundation on which it is built. Vermont Prosthodontics, the predecessor to Vermont Restorative Dentistry, originated from the effort and passion of Dr. Ben Merrick, who provided exceptional prosthodontic care, kindly, gently, and with great knowledge, skill, and humility. May we all strive to live as his family described him to the Vermont State Dental Society after his passing: “Pursue balance in life. Be Kind. Prioritize family. Love Wholly. Laugh. And be in Nature.”

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