Steve Feldman, DDS

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Steve Feldman, DDS

Steve Feldman, DDS

General Dentist

My Philosophy

It has always been my intention to deliver the best quality dentistry that I’m capable of and to be my patients’ go-to guy for oral health. And after 40+ years in practice I’ve also learned that the best part of dental practice is not the dentistry per se, but rather the relationships (with my patients and with my staff) that develop and mature. It is said, and I wholeheartedly agree, that the way to deliver the best patient care is to truly care about your patients. The key, for me, is simple: Be my best dental self and treat everyone with respect and empathy -- patients, colleagues, staff. 

My skills and interests

Restorative Dentistry, Prosthetics, Implant restorations, Occlusal and TMJ treatment. 

I’m skillful is seeing the Big Picture, the proverbial forest from the trees, to create treatment plans that make sense. I’ve also had success –and satisfaction-- in transforming many patients’ negative attitudes/beliefs/dental experiences into positive ones, and in so doing, transforming neglect into healthy habits.

Because successful treatment outcomes are my highest priority, I believe in collaborating when appropriate with talented Dental Specialists, as well as non-dental specialists (such as Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Speech Pathologists, Chiropractors, Physicians, etc.) to achieve that goal.

My Professional Life

BA --University of Rochester
DDS –New York University College of Dentistry
Vermont Dental Care (initially treating exclusively children)
Waterbury State Hospital (staff dentist when there were inpatients)
Private Practice for 40+ years (downtown Burlington)
Ongoing Continuing Dental Education (courses too numerous to recount, but worthy of special mention are the series of Occlusal/TMD/Biomechanics Studies Courses early in my career, and the Misch Institute Implant Prosthetics Series)
EFDA Training for Dental Assistants (occasional, Essex Tech.)
Overseas Volunteer Dentist (Cambodia, 2019)
Assorted stints as substitute-Dentist, as needed (various dental practices in Northern Vermont)
Teacher/Preceptor –UVM Medical Center Dental Residency Program

My Other Life

Married for almost 51 years, 2 adult children.
Lived in Vermont for 50+ years. Childhood through high school in Queens NYC.


Foreign travel & exploring, gardening, hiking, kayaking, XC skiing, snowshoeing, (wistful memories of downhill skiing –damn you, bad knees), cooking, reading, movies, music. No golf.

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